Hand-in-hand with Parents

Up-bringing a special need child is a life long journey that requires unusual dedication, patience and efforts. Knowing the right, relax and meaningful ways to support and develop your child is important.

This program has been specially developed for parents with children who learn differently or have special needs. The program brings together three areas of methodologies that can aid and empower parents in their journey with their children, namely P.L.A.Y. Strategies, Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers and Rhythmic Movement Training for School Readiness.

Belief in the power of time, Belief in lessons learned from the children, Belief in the power of influence and deep caring for those who receive it.Phoebe Long MW, founder of Breakthru Approach

In this program, you’ll learn how to rekindle playful yet meaningful approach to meet your child’s/teenager’s/client’s current challenges. You will have a glimpse of his/her brain integration process, simple and effective techniques in restoring the missing link throughout the developmental milestone and ways to re-pattern / rewire the brain to penetrate difficult and challenging behaviour and attitude.

Parents Coaching Program

Believe in the power of timeliness.
Belief in lessons learned from the children.
Belief in the power of influence.
Deep caring for those who receive it.
Consultation by Professionals
Workshops - BG for Special Needs Providers, RMT for School Readiness
Coaching - P.L.A.Y. Strategies sessions
Group Discussions
Demonstration - 1 to 1 Session with Child
P.L.A.Y Strategies is an tried and true framework for practical application of skill sets acquired in Brain Gym / RMT workshops. Learn how to notice and make life changing changes in a fun and relaxed way.
A one to one session with your child providing a live demonstration on the practical skills.