Face the Fear

About The Course

Face the Fear is a special topic focus on speech and language development, and the crucial role of Fear Paralysis Reflex.

Pre-requisite: RMT Level 1 & Level 2

Face the Fear expands our understanding of the role reflexes play in developing a sense of safety so we can learn to live with a sense of belonging, stability and confidence. The establishment of a healthy ability to bond and attach is essential for developing our ability to express and communicate on all levels-physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and behaviorally.

Day 1 looks at the role of reflexes in speech and language development and how integration of these reflexes is important in bonding and forming attachments. Some topics included in this course: Palmar, Babkin & Plantar Reflexes , Sucking & Rooting Reflexes, Jaw & Leg Tension, Speech & Writing Improvements

Day 2 focuses on the crucial role the Fear Paralysis Reflex plays in development, especially on an emotional level, and in developing confidence and self esteem.
This course looks at using rhythmic movements, modified isometric pressure activities, and kinesiology techniques to promote emotional and behavioural integration.

Topics include:


  • Moira Dempsey
    Moira Dempsey is a very experienced instructor of kinesiology workshops‚ – including Brain Gym®, Touch For Health, Rhythmic Movement Training and RESET. She also teaches short workshops on Facial Reflex Integra-tion and Tactile Integration. She have taught extensively throughout the world‚ – including USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Dubai, Bahrain and South Africa.


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