Touch for Health Training Workshop – Breakthru Academy for Educational and Special Kinesiology Studies Malaysia

Touch for Health Training Workshop

Touch for Health®(TFH)

Teacher Training


Credit Hours


Are you facing health problems from any prolong illness and injuries?

Our endeavours are to share information that will enhance personal power in health improvement, disease prevention.


  • Those who wanted to learn personally from Toni Lilley
  • Those who have attended TFH® Level 1, 2, 3, and 4


This Proficiency and Instructor Training Workshop offer participants the opportunity to work in groups and individually to gain skills in areas such as problem solving, presentation, marketing, communication, client care, safe practice and more. Practical, written and oral assessments (open book) are included. Successful graduates may choose to become registered TFH instructors with certification to teach TFH classes anywhere in the world.