OBO201 Optimal Brain Organization – Breakthru Academy for Educational Kinesiology Studies Malaysia

OBO201 Optimal Brain Organization


Optimal Brain Organization


Credit Hours


What happens to your brain (and your ability to function) when you experience stress? How fully do you use your brain for reading, math, writing, communicating, motivation, memory, relating to others and other life activities?

  • Explores each learner’s ―brain organization profiles, creates a preferred learning style when under stress.
  • Allows each learner to understand his / her gifts or challenges.
  • Offers an experience of how Brain Gym helps the brain become more efficiently organized for easier learning and processing of all kinds.


Recommended for anyone who wants to understand the functions of the left and right brains for effective whole brain learning. This course requires a BG 101 prerequisite.


In this 16-hour course you will…
  • Practice assessing adults’ and children’s brain organization profiles.
  • Discover your own brain  organization profile.
  • Understand the effects each  profile has on learning style.
  • Relate the organization  profiles to specific challenges in reading, writing, hearing, vision, motivation and social skills.
  • Give new meanings to ―right  brained‖ and ―left brained‖ — and other misunderstood labels.
  • Understand aspects of  handwriting and whole body movement in relation to brain  organization.
  • Identify and learn the  importance of different organization profiles.
  • Incorporate the tools of  brain organization profiles into your Edu-K balances and  more!


  • Discover the concepts of hemispheric specialization, identification, and balancing to facilitate whole-brain learning.