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We conduct courses for Brain Gym(r) Instructorship, Brain Gym(r) 101, Vision Circle, Optimal Brain Organization, Double Doodle Instructorship, Edu-K In Depth, Teacher's Practicum, Brain Gym 170 for Special Needs Providers, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) Providers and Instructorship, Movement Based Training (MBL) Instructorship, Touch for Health(r) Synthesis Class


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“The methods of teaching by instructor are easily to understand and explain several times when the participants have the question or difficulties. From this course, I know what Touch for Health (TFH) and how to do the muscle checking and notice which muscle is related with particular meridian. Touch for Health will be used when I meet difficulty or feel tension. It helps me to relax.”
Chong Zhi Jen

on Touch for Health..


“The course (Brain Gym 101) is very flexible with participant’s need. It is straight forward and easy to understand even though it’s actually quite a lot to understand. Now I understand the Brain Gym activities more, and I notice these activities do help me to feel more relax and more aware myself. Brain Gym is a technique that may help our daily activities through simple movement.”
– Norhayati

on Brain Gym 101..


Brain Gym 170 course is amazing and is suitable for people of all ages irrespective of their background as long as there is active participant in this course. I hope this course would be stepping stone in the pursuing of my dream and this Edu-K training has given hope to our special need community. Phoebe Long had an excellent teaching style and I can’t wait to learn more from her.”
Anna Chong Fui Nah

on Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers..

WP_20130830_08_59_39_Pro.jpg“In this course, I more understand our body related to reflex. The course helped me learn about the problem of learning, behavior and develoment have caused/related to the reflexes. I am interested to have further and deeper understanding about RMT. I will tell others about this course. The instructor is clear in teaching, nice, easy to approach.”

on RMT Level 1


“这课程让我注意到的是提升儿童的专注力及知道什么影响了他们的专注力。这课程达到我的期望,希望能与他们做RMT. 我想与人分享这课程可以提升专注力,情绪的舒缓及增加自信心。我对RMT未来的想法是多些家长接受及被推广。Phoebe 很友善,带领课程轻松、投入;她能让我们感受及领略技巧。”
~ Cheng Wai Hung

on RMT Level 1

pcp 201303

During this course which is Brain Gym 170, I noticed that I become more confident and personal breakthrough. I knew more about myself in terms of my body, mind and emotion. Brain Gym had open up perspective in dealing with personal, interpersonal and spiritual. This course (Brain Gym 170) has definitely open up my mind in relation with my work, family and personal health in a more holistic point of view.

on Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers..

WP_20130901_14_21_57_Pro 这课程让 (RMT 1) 我明白如何帮助小朋友更专注;自己的协调可改善以减低一些因姿势不良以引致的痛症。课程中帮助我学习的部分是实践的动作及Phoebe 亲身让我们感觉力度。我想分享这课程能帮助孩子们控制情绪和行为问题。我希望未来的RMT 课程能够有中文翻译版本。讲师好有心去帮助学生明白课程内容。
~ Chan

on RMT Level 1..

Instructor’s Profiles

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Our Special Programmes

P.L.A.Y Youth Camp

This is a program specially designed for youth from age 12 – 16. Full of fun activities, this program introduces RMT movements and integrate MBL movements into these activities, making therapeutic process exciting and attractive to youth! This program cater for both English and Mandarin speaking youth as our Facilitators are capable of communicating with them in both languages.

Breakthru Saturday

Program specially design to draw out a child’s learning and social abilities. Using our in-house P.L.A.Y strategies, children are guided and observed in a organized way without sacrificing freedom of play and be safe. This is a weekly Saturday program


Parents Coaching Programs

One of our key program is to coach parents and families with children with all abilities on helping their child to gain learning and communication abilities.

Topic : P.L.A.Y: A practical coaching strategy for families with children who have behavior challenges

Target audience : parents of children who may experience emotional, behavior and attentional challenges

These 4 lessons will explore the P.L.A.Y Strategies in nurturing and supporting the development of the children.

Parents will learn and experience

  • the necessary natural process of primitive reflex integration in your child
  •  appropriate movement based learning that acts as spring board for your child’s development
  • developing an conducise learning environment for your child to breakthrough with his/her current challenges
  • home support that allow you to gauge your child’s development
  • Questions and Answers session
  • Opportunity to network with other parents.


Publications and Manuals Ordering

Books and manuals for all courses, including charts and teaching aids. Some of these publications can only be ordered by a licensed instructor. You may make your order online here as well.



More Services

Programs for Community

Seeing more children enjoys learning and teachers sharing their best in class is our passion. Therefore we constantly giving workshops and awareness talk to schools and to the public on the topic that we know best – skills to improve learning, and parents coaching. Talk to us if you like us to share to your children or school.

Corporate Advisory

We advises organization that provide child development programs and assist in their program development. Our methodology is applicable to most centre that supports special needs children, or centre that focuses on smart kids development.

Internship and Volunteers

We provide internship opportunities for colleges and higher learning institutions. Individuals are welcome to apply within as a volunteers and will be tasked to support us on area of your choice. The tasks range from projects such as annual awards day, café day, sports day or stay-out camps, to facilitating and counselling special needs children and supporting home schooling youths.


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